Passionately facilitate enabling environments and processes for partners and beneficiaries to see and seek their full potential in life as they engage in personal and social sustainable life and developmental lifestyles for their well being.


Dignified and fulfilled livestyles of women, children and youth and hence communities engaging in sustainable initiatives and processes that meet their short and long term needs.


Tuungane Amani Kenya Foundation
“TAK Foundation” was established as a result of the post election violence in Kenya in 2007/2008. It started an initiative to restore peace in communities through setting up local mediation teams. This initiative is named ‘Tuungane Amani Kenya Foundation’ (come together for peace in Kenya). TAK Foundation, over time changed its work to help women and children live a dignified life and contributing positively to the society. Part of the programs became capacity building and mentoring of women groups, youth groups into table banking and business developing groups, education and skills training for children, youth and women, and social enterprises establishment to sustain the organization and its programs.

In the programs of TAK attention is also paid to Human Rights and Environmental care. These cross cutting themes are part of the program implementation and social enterprises implementation.
TAK implements programs with vulnerable communities with a focus on marginalized women and children. The pillars that TAK has formed are: Education through Tamalaki Education Centre, Capacity building and mentoring of women and youth through short skills trainings and Self Help Group Business training, including table banking, and mentoring of the groups. TAK also established a Tour company, Talk About Kenya Tours (TAK Tours) to provide income and provide exchange experiences and a water drilling company (TAK Water) where communities will be helped with affordable water solutions as well as commercial drilling for income. TAK Water also provides opportunities for training young marginalized people with passion for drilling to obtain knowledge and skills that would facilitate job creation and increase in finding water solutions in the rural areas. In this TAK is fulfilling a social need in form of an enterprise. All projects and businesses are implemented with the value of sustainability.


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